Posting Rules

  1. You MUST be the owner of the business you are posting or an authorized agent of that business. WE VERIFY BY PHONE EACH POSTING BEFORE IT IS LISTED WITHIN OUR INDEX.

  2. Your business MUST be a business located and/or operating within the counties of Southwest Florida. These counties include Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry and Lee.

  3. Basic Ad listings are FREE and will continue to be, however we would appreciate a link from your web site to ours if you have a website. If you do this, we will provide a link from your basic ad back to your web site. Contact us for more details.

  4. Premiere Ad listing fees are due within 7 days of the receipt of our invoicing. Payment generally will not hold your listing from display on our website, however you will be asked to execute a listing contract before your listing will appear.

  5. Premiere advertisers have an admin console and can run specials and include a great deal more information about their web site. Because postings to our web site from your admin area immediate, we do not review postings before they are published. Premiere advertisers publishing any content that we deem inappropriate for a PG audience will be removed AND the offending advertiser's admin access may be suspended.

  6. Posting Fees - All advertising fees are subject to change without notice. There are no refunds of posting fees.

  7. All postings are subject to human review. Please allow 48 hours before contacting us for a posting that has not been published.

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